Our wearable motion sensors are paired with HD video to produce real time objective data. Assess injury risk. Guide Interviews. Create Smarter Rehabilitation and Exercise Plans. Track Results.

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Join us as we interview renowned researcher and Physiotherapist, Sam Stuart, from Northumbria University in the UK, to discuss how he is using our dorsaVi technology. The specific research being conducted at Northumbria University with the dorsaVi system relates to the assessment of running injuries and mild traumatic brain injury (concussion) in university-level athletes. Progression from subjective opinion-based assessment towards more objective data-driven outcomes from wearable technologies will allow for subtle impairments following injuries to be detected, which may go unnoticed when using traditional assessment methods.

In the webinar we will discuss the following:

  • Use of wearable technologies in regular clinical practice and research
  • Progression of technology towards wearables
  • Use of dorsaVi system in the research at Northumbria University
  • Running gait assessment with wearable technology

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"“The best thing is that we can assess how patients move during their day. It’s like having a physiotherapist in your back pocket.”"

Antony Hirst, Physiotherapist at Beleura Health Solutions

"(myViSafe) will enable successful application of the wearable sensor technology that (dorsaVi) has developed and has the potential to make a huge difference and revolutionise the effectiveness of manual handling training throughout industry, in companies large and small, contributing to the reduction in occupational injury."

Alan Murray, Chief Executive Officer – British Safety Industry Federation

"Our collaboration with dorsaVi fits perfectly with Physio’s long standing mission to continuously innovate and deliver patient focused, evidence based care."

Dr Trent Nessler, National Director of Sports Medicine at Physio

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