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dorsaVi Wearable Sensor Technology – Proving Your Competitive Advantage

With employee safety a priority for industry and productivity gains a cornerstone to increased profitability, your product or service could be the magic ingredient for a host of potential clients.

Are you looking at ways in which to promote your competitive advantage but unsure how to independently verify and quantify your claims? Do you want to be able to demonstrate the impacts of your competitive advantage in relation to safer manual handling practices and increased productivity? If so, then dorsaVi’s ViSafe technology can help!

ViSafe uses revolutionary wearable sensor technology and proprietary software, to assess the musculoskeletal demands of the shoulders and low back and provides businesses with objective and actionable data, to assist them in validating their claims of increased efficiency and improved safety outcomes. 

dorsaVi has worked with businesses across a myriad of industries, to collect in-field data assessing their equipment, materials and methodologies! Our technology has provided data driven findings that these businesses have used to bolster existing marketing materials and gain a proven edge over their competitors!

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"The Emergency Response Unit's goal is to reach the pinnacle of safety; the 'ViSafe' study has proven to be a practical and essential tool to assess work activities, deciding on the purchase of/or developing plant and equipment in the future. 'ViSafe' has proven to be a fundamental step in our workplace safety."

Sean Watters, Emergency Response Unit Manager at Transport For London

"You tell them in the classroom, these are the techniques you should be using. Tip from the hip, keep your back straight, bend at the knees. The myVisafe technology allowed them to actually see that, in the red zone versus the green zone while they were performing the tasks out there in the factory."

Rowena Terlingen, HSE Manager at VISY

"As the onsite team for Stone Masonry within Laing O'Rourke, we found the use of wearable technology incredibly interesting. It was very good to see the link between our MSD's and everyday work activities. The DorsaVi team came back to site and ran a workshop in which our operatives and senior management were presented with the risk profile for our Stoney Masonry work. This was valuable and gave us positive outcomes that will ultimately enable us to become better at what we do!"

Callum McConnachie, Section Manager at Laing O'Rourke

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