dorsaVi Professional Suite

Building a Stronger Picture of Health for You, Your Business and Your Clients

Wearable Device Technology That Enables a Deeper Understanding of Your Clients’ Movements

Engage Your Clients with High Tech Movement Analysis

Born in the elite sporting area, this accurate and affordable technology is now available to use in your day-to-day training and injury rehabilitation programs.

dorsaVi Professional Suite is our newest technology and it is the perfect clinical assessment device for any practice striving to provide better client care, strengthen client relationships and grow their business.

With dorsaVi Professional Suite You Can:

Market Your Business

Promote your services and professional staff to clients while they’re in the waiting room. Get rid of the magazines and say hello to the ultimate cross-sell tool.

Capture Detailed Movement Analytics

See what’s really happening with your client’s movements. Capture objective data that cannot be seen with the eye.

Make Informed Rehabilitation Decisions

Identify injury risk, guide rehabilitation, make return to play decisions, track progress and improve performance.

Deliver Online Exercise Programs

Deliver customized exercise programs shaped by dorsaVi assessment data and your expert opinion. The program can be delivered via the mydorsaVi client app helping with compliance, tracking progress, and demonstrating correct technique.

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