Japara Healthcare adopts myViSafe for workplace safety program
Melbourne, Australia - 25 October 2017: dorsaVi Ltd (ASX: DVL) today announced that one of Australia’s largest aged care providers Japara Healthcare (ASX: JHC) will implement dorsaVi’s myViSafe to improve workplace manual handling safety for its staff.

The adoption of myViSafe, an annuity product, follows an initial ViSafe project which was undertaken during the year. The initial ViSafe assessments assisted Japara to identify potential exposure to injuries through repetitive movements undertaken by their Patient Service Attendants and other staff involved in manual handling. With guidance from the objective data these assessments provided, Japara have built a road map of interventions which include administrative and minor equipment changes. The introduction of myViSafe is one of these interventions.

myViSafe comprises of a phone or tablet app and mini movement sensors, with the sensors worn on the back and/or shoulders to measure movement in real time. The self-managed solution allows Japara to show employees their own movements on the job. Japara intend to use this as an assessment and training tool, where employees will be alerted when they are undergoing activities outside their safe zone, and they can then be shown a safer way to do the task.

myViSafe will be used across all of Japara’s residential aged care homes and five retirement complexes and will be used on an ongoing basis to assess hundreds of employees based on their job duties and the level of manual handling risk.

Health and social care workers are at a higher risk of work-related musculoskeletal disorders, with the main risk coming from patient handling
1. Through the adoption of myViSafe, Japara anticipates a significant reduction in manual handling workplace injuries. 

Japara Healthcare’s National Workplace Health and Safety Manager, Tiffany Simpson said: “myViSafe is an interactive system that helps staff reduce injury risk in real time. Japara is excited to adopt dorsaVi’s innovative technology, in line with our commitment to continuously improve workplace training and education. By investing in our employees, we are also continuing to raise the standard of care for our residents.”

dorsaVi Chief Executive Officer Dr Andrew Ronchi added: “Low back and musculoskeletal injuries have become a rapidly growing concern for workers in the health and aged care sector, and nurses have one of the highest incidents of back injury. Japara’s adoption of myViSafe reflects how the wider industry is looking at innovative data-driven technologies to reduce occupational injuries and inform workplace safety decisions.”

dorsaVi’s workplace safety technology has also been adopted by other high profile companies in the healthcare sector, including Monash Health, Peninsula Health, St John Ambulance WA and St John of God Hospital.


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1 Health and Safety Executive, Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorder (WRMSDs) Statistics http://www.hse.gov.uk/Statistics/causdis/musculoskeletal/msd.pdf

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