Major US physical therapy provider, Physio Corporation, adopts dorsaVi wireless wearable sensors across 20 clinics

Exton, Pennsylvania, United States and Melbourne, Australia – 24 February, 2016: Physio (, a leading national provider of physical and occupational outpatient rehabilitation services in the United States with more than 540 clinics across 29 States, has today signed an initial pilot program to begin offering dorsaVi (ASX DVL) wearable wireless sensors to assess sports medicine patients. The initial focus will be movement analysis in running and knee assessments.

The terms of the agreement include implementation of 20 ViPerform units across 20 sites during the first 12-months.

“Our collaboration with dorsaVi fits perfectly with Physio’s long standing mission to continuously innovate and deliver patient focused, evidence based care,” said Dr Trent Nessler, Physio’s National Director of Sport Medicine.

“Apart from running and knee assessments we see other use cases for dorsaVi’s wearable technology across a number of our business areas.”

Physio treats more than 300,000 patients a year in its rapidly growing footprint of clinics. In addition, Physio provides athletic trainers to more than 200 middle and high schools, 26 universities, and 20 professional teams across the US. With over 200,000 ACL injuries in youth athletics in the US alone, there is a need to create tools that are reliable and scalable for mass physicals and for use in clinics.

“This tool allows us to efficiently assess an athlete and reliably quantify this data so we can clearly see who is at risk of injury,” says Nessler. “This is truly a revolution in sports rehabilitation and allows us to combine this technology with our research to create scalable programs which can have a dramatic impact on youth sports injuries.”

Physio also offers Physio@Work® workers’ compensation programs which partner directly with employers, case managers and adjusters to provide a myriad of customized solutions in injury prevention, analysis and rehabilitation. Both companies see great synergy and potential collaboration with dorsaVi’s ViSafe workplace solutions to reduce risk and improve worker productivity.

“Partnering with dorsaVi, will position us to leverage the technology in identifying both human behaviours and work site adaptations which will decrease the frequency and severity of our clients’ worksite injuries,” said Don McCarter, Vice President, Workers’ Compensation Sales.

Last month, Physio announced that it was being acquired by Select Medical Corporation ( Select is one of the largest operators of specialty hospitals and outpatient rehabilitation clinics in the United States based on number of facilities.

“The partnership with Physio allows us to access a very strong network of clinics throughout the United States and position dorsaVi as an important technology to allow physical therapists to tailor treatment plans for their patients,” said Mark Heaysman, dorsaVi Head of Sales and Operations USA.

“dorsaVi’s products are an important clinical tool to provide precise and detailed data to inform personalised treatment plans and improve injury recovery. We are also exploring opportunities to partner our ViSafe product to support Physio’s large volume of workers’ compensation patients.”

dorsaVi is transforming the continuum of care for patients and athletes by providing access to instant, objective, and consistent movement analysis and biomechanical assessments previously only available to elite athletes. Globally, clinicians are adopting dorsaVi sensors to help them more effectively manage patients dealing with low back, knee conditions or other musculoskeletal issues.

dorsaVi’s revolutionary and highly sophisticated wearable products are used by some of the world’s most well-known sporting teams and athletes including the Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors and the New England Patriots. Internationally, English Premier League clubs such as Manchester United, Sao Paulo football team in Brazil, the Australian Cricket team, more than seven AFL clubs and multiple Olympians are all users of dorsaVi’s products.


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