Australian Physiotherapy Association endorses dorsaVi wearable sensor technology

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) has officially endorsed dorsaVi, an ASX-listed company that develops wearable motion analysis devices for use in elite sports, clinical applications, and occupational health and safety.

dorsaVi’s wearable sensor technology, ViMove, enables many aspects of detailed human movement and positions to be accurately captured, quantified and assessed outside of a biomechanics lab and in real-time.

The partnership indicates APA’s commitment to physiotherapy best practice by facilitating access to innovative technologies which can be applied to member services.

APA CEO, Cris Massis said, “We’re pleased to be working with dorsaVi, an innovative Australian company that enables our members access to the clinical assessment capabilities of ViMove. The technology allows physiotherapists a new and improved way of managing patients by providing objective assessment, monitoring outside the clinic and immediate biofeedback.”

“ViMove also benefits a variety of patients, from athletes to runners or anyone with back pain, and gives them a better understanding of their condition and how to manage it,” Cris said.

CEO of dorsaVi and the creator of ViMove, Andrew Ronchi says, “As a physiotherapist myself, I completely understand the challenges often faced with effectively collating accurate information. Never before has this type of technology provided visual, objective and easy-to-interpret data which can improve your management and track patient progression.

How does ViMove work?

  • Wearable motion and muscle activity sensors record data at 200 frames per second, which is sent wirelessly to computer software in real-time.
  • Six key assessment modules can be tailored to individual patient needs.
  • Easy to analyse data.


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Randomised Controlled Trial with dorsaVi technology finds back pain patients monitored and treated using dorsaVi's sensors had significant, sustained improvements in pain and function.

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