Kieser Australia signs three-year deal to use ViMove2 across its clinical network 

Melbourne, Australia.  14 June 2017.  dorsaVi Ltd (ASX: DVL) has today announced that Kieser Australia has signed a three-year deal worth more than $150K which will see the recently launched ViMove2 rolled out across its network of nine centres in Melbourne and Sydney.

Kieser Australia was established in 2006 and is a network of integrated physiotherapy, rehabilitation and strength training centres predicated on the core principle of ‘Strength for Health’. Eight of the nine centres are located in Melbourne. In 2016 Kieser opened its first Sydney centre with further expansion plans.

The management of back pain is one of the largest parts of Kieser’s business. All back pain clients will have movement analysis with ViMove2 as part of their treatment and training program.

“I can’t believe any forward thinking allied health professional wouldn’t be looking to embed dorsaVi technology into their treatment protocols. The quality of data captured by ViMove2 allows for highly patient specific treatment plans and ultimately better and more sustainable results,” said Tony Smith, Managing Director, Kieser Australia.

“The decision to move our clinics to ViMove2 was incredibly simple. We took it out of the box and could use it immediately with no training. As a user of the previous system we were really excited to see the magnitude of the improvements in usability and the reporting outputs.”

ViMove2TM was released recently in Australia and features smaller, faster, and easier to use sensors, together with a simplified software interface, improved reporting tools, out of clinic monitoring, comprehensive exercise video library, and a patient app.

The patient app, myViMove, delivers assessment reports, customised exercise programs and data collection for out of clinic monitoring and is designed to engage patients in their treatments.

“This is our first large deal for ViMove2 following the Australian launch just a few weeks ago and I’m excited about the market’s enthusiasm and ease of uptake for this new device,” said Dr Andrew Ronchi, Chief Executive Officer, dorsaVi.

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